Novelty Sloth Socks Set 4 Pack Animal Sock Set


Fit Youth Shoe Size 12-6/5-10 Years. 4 pack girls funny socks in our gift box.

Cute Novelty Sloth Socks Set for girls. Our 4 pack socks featured various animals: funny sloth, a pug with donuts, chicken, and bee gathering honey!

Great for animal lovers. Bright up your girls’ every day with these funny, crazy, and cool socks.


Novelty Sloth Socks Set is a 4 Pack of animal-themed sloths. It comes with 4 (Chickens, honey bees, Pugs, and sloths) bright and colorful different designs.

Novelty Sloth Socks Set 4 Pack Animal Sock Set

Novelty Sloth Socks Set 4 Pack Animal Sock Set

The crazy novelty narwhal socks are made up of 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% spandex.

These socks are very cute and lovely in actual and if you have someone at your home who is an animal lover or a fan of cartoons then this is the perfect choice for him/her.

It comes with 4 (Chickens, Honey Bees, Pugs, and Sloths) bright and colorful different socks designs.

The material of the socks is so good and amazing that you will want to wear them the whole day long especially in winters.

These Novelty Sloth Socks Set are very comfortable to wear and have a long-lasting quality.

The two sizes are available in these colorful socks to make them perfectly adjustable.

These socks suit everyone amazingly and come in a beautiful gift box so you can gift them to your loved ones on any occasion or event and also order it for yourself for your personal use.

If you like sloths check out our page Sloth of The Day that has lots of info about them.

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Novelty Sloth Socks Set Features

  • These lovely socks keep your feet warm and can repel water. It also wicks up to 1/3 of their weight in water vapor before they feel wet.
  • The Novelty Sloth Socks Set 4 Pack Animal Sock Set fit well while wearing your shoes. They don’t cause blisters or fungus and they also keep your feet dry and well-cushioned.
  • These adorable and fashionable socks help reduce your problems regarding footwear including blisters, ball of foot pain, toenail problems, toenail discomfort, foot fungus, and foot odor.
  • If you struggle with sweaty, smelly feet, you should be wearing socks that absorb moisture and wick it away.
  • Breathability is key for preventing sweat and odor and the plastic, cotton fabric of these socks is so breathable that your socks will retain their freshness after only one wash
  • These crazy novelty narwhal socks have great insulating power. Insulating power means your feet stay warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot they are very reasonable and affordable regarding price.

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